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A Schlumberger company

WesternGeco has been a Schlumberger company since 2000. Our clever and dedicated team has the expertise, seismic data, and digital capabilities to help you get to first oil faster and maximize your recoveries. Knowledge and computing capabilities enable us to rapidly evaluate your seismic and multiphysics data and apply precise algorithms that provide you with a high-fidelity image.

Geosolutions software

From survey design and in-field QC to processing, model building, and imaging, we offer a range of software and plug-ins that streamline your processes and enhance your subsurface insights. Most options are now available in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment.

Multiclient services

Our world-leading multiclient data library covers a wide range of basins across the globe, giving you access to mission-critical subsurface insights—and collaborative solutions from our data experts—via a secure portal.

Exploration services

WesternGeco interpretation consultants work with you to develop a custom, integrated geophysical solution—leveraging earth model building and multiphysics approaches—to accelerate your discovery process.

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Seismic Services

Seismic and geophysical services for enhanced reservoir characterization and monitoring.

Borehole Seismic

Wireline-conveyed tools and systems

Acquire high-resolution seismic images in and beyond the borehole.

Geosolutions Software

Industry-leading software and plug-ins

Streamline your geophysical workflows, from seismic acquisition to production optimization.

Multiclient Data Library

Accelerate Hydrocarbon Discovery

Our world-leading, evergreen multiclient library provides critical subsurface insight to help you make the most informed decisions.

Seismic Survey Design & Modeling

Tailored solutions to your geophysical challenges and objectives

Address acquisition, data processing, seismic interpretation, and drilling challenges.

Seismic Data Processing

Algorithms, services, and workflows that maximize data value

Address challenges from data calibration and regularization to attenuation.

Seismic Imaging

Carefully selected, tailored, and applied algorithms

Ensure image fidelity and confidence in drilling, completion, and production decisions.


Subsurface imaging and reservoir characterization studies

Reduce uncertainty for E&P workflows by integrating seismic and nonseismic data, measurements, and methods.

Seismic Reservoir Characterization

Subsurface modeling for optimized operations

Using the most advanced tools available, we provide consistency between all models and acquisition data.

Seismic Drilling Solutions

Create the most accurate earth model

Address drilling challenges related to wellbore stability and hazard analysis.

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