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Artificial Lift

Integrated lifting solutions for enhanced well production

Our portfolio encompasses specialized expertise and complete equipment packages for every flow rate, including rod lift pumps, progressing cavity pumps (PCPs), hydraulic stroking units, ESPs, electric submersible PCPs (ESPCPs), horizontal surface pumps, and gas lift systems.

DELFI Production Chemicals for ESP Pump Run-life Optimization

Extend ESP run life via field-proven, real-time monitoring, analysis, and autonomous chemical injection optimization for ESP corrosion protection.

ChemWatcher Integrated Chemical Management System

Maximize pump life and reduce opex with customized chemical treatment programs.

Downhole Sand Control Screens for Artificial Lift

Leverage supercharged alternatives to downhole desanders when using gas lift, rod lift pumps, or ESP pumps.

Optimizing Artificial Lift

Bridge the gap between well conditions and production requirements with software and services that optimize artificial lift based on your specific well and reservoir information.

Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs)

Increase run life and ultimately boost production with our line of ESP systems designed to meet conventional, unconventional, high-temperature, intervention-constrained, and offshore requirements.

Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCPs)

Reduce operating and capital costs with PCPs engineered to lower power consumption compared with other artificial lift methods—making them the cost-effective and efficient artificial lift solution.

Horizontal Surface Pumps

Increase uptime in demanding applications with cost-effective alternatives to split-case, vertical turbine, and positive displacement pumps.

Rod Lift

Improve pumping performance with API-monogrammed and third-party certified equipment, including pump jack units, downhole API insert pumps, and other equipment.

Gas Lift

Efficiently handle abrasive materials in low-productivity, high-gas/oil-ratio wells or deviated wellbores with conventional and unconventional lift systems for both continuous- and intermittent-flow production.

Power Systems and Cables

Deliver reliable pumping power and protection with a complete line of power systems, cables, and motor lead extensions.

Sensia Lift Control Systems

Automate lift for more cost-effective use of operational resources, assets, and power, and enable the most effective recovery at the lowest cost.

Sensia is a joint venture that combines the process automation, real-time control, and IoT technologies of Rockwell Automation with the measurement, instrumentation, analysis, software, and analytics capabilities of Schlumberger. In doing so, and with the use of digital technologies, Sensia is creating solutions to solve specific oil and gas industry challenges.

Sensia Lift Control Systems automates artificial lift methods for more cost-effective use of operational resources, assets, and power to enable the most effective recovery at the lowest cost.

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Lift Control Drives

Reliable power, protection, and control of ESP and HPS installations

Reduce overall operating costs, increase total efficiency, and maintain system integrity.

Lift Control Devices

Wellsite protection, control, and data acquisition

Maintain well integrity.

Lift Control Communications

Simple, cost effective, and low maintenance

Access real-time data from almost anywhere in the world.

Lift Optimization Services

Service to optimize production, control, and power

Optimize production and power across the life cycle of your lift assets.

Automated Gas Lift Optimization Solutions

More oil for less

Add value to your gas lift operation—from monitoring and surveillance to fully automated gas lift wells.

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