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Progressing Cavity Pumps

Lower operating and capital costs with a simple design

Withstands temperatures up to 660 degF [350 degC] for thermal applications
Survives in corrosive, abrasive, and aromatic conditions
Electric or hydraulic drive heads available
Handles oil from 6 to 49 API, low to high viscosities, and high sand cuts

Increase production efficiency

Simplify production for wells characterized by highly viscous fluid and high sand cut with progressing cavity pumps (PCPs). These positive displacement pumps are engineered to deliver variable rates and constant head capable of handling various types of applications with superior sand-lifting capability. They have lower operating and capital costs, partly due to their simple design and installation and lower power consumption compared with other artificial lift methods—making them the cost-effective and efficient artificial lift solution.

Advanced PCPs are available fully automated to monitor torque, measure flow rates, and adjust pump speed so you get the most from your well every time. These systems can be remotely accessible, which enable you to make changes anytime, anywhere. 

Total system efficiency
Faster installation than other lift methods

PCPs are one of the most production-efficient technologies of any artificial lift method, which means pumping up your bottom line has never been easier.

Progressing Cavity Pump Systems

Increase efficiency and maximize production using PCP systems with a wide operating range.

Surface Systems

Protect and control PCP system with reliable, efficient surface power.

KUDU Drivehead

Hydraulic or electric power system for PCP installations

Enhance installations in heavy to light oil, gas dewatering, and thermal operations with up to 200 hp.

KUDU Power Unit

Electric and hydraulic power source for PCPs

Enable individual or multiple well production with electrically or hydraulically powered units.

Permanent Magnet Motor Surface Drive System

Maximize safety and energy efficiency of progressing cavity pumps (PCPs)

Eliminate belts and sheaves to improve PCP safety and energy efficiency.


KUDU internal hydrodynamic brake drivehead

Control backspin and eliminate with a self-contained, automatic hydrodynamic brake.

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