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Reservoir Drill-In Fluids

Minimally damaging fluids for reservoir drilling

Minimize damage to the formation while drilling

M-I SWACO has refined the industry’s most advanced line of minimally damaging and completion-compatible reservoir drill-in fluids (RDFs) and associated additives. Our RDF leadership is cemented with the award-winning PRO Series, which has expanded to comprise some the industry’s most innovative technologies. Advancements include the only RDF that drills with the efficiency of an oil-based drilling fluid but has the completion simplicity of water-based fluids. Another breakthrough technology uses divalent brines as its base fluid and builds viscosity without the use of biopolymers.

We engineer minimally damaging RDF systems specifically to drill and complete the reservoir section in open hole. Our water-based and invert-emulsion RDF formulations are tailored to specific completion techniques, emphasizing completion compatibility and minimal formation damage.

Complementing our RDF systems are equally safe and effective additives that help get the most out of your well.

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Water-Based Drill-In Fluids

Deliver cost-effective, efficient performance using water-based RDFs.


Water-based reservoir drill-in fluid

Meet the needs of reservoir engineers and drilling personnel while minimizing environmental impact and increasing ROP.


High-density divalent reservoir drill-in fluid

Generate low filtration rates and produce a thin filtercake with the first biopolymer-free divalent brine-base RDF.


Organophilic water-based reservoir drill-in fluid system

Enhance hydrocarbon production through an established filtercake to eliminate the need for a chemical breaker.

Oil-Based Drill-In Fluids

Drill and complete the most challenging openhole intervals using highly lubricious, inhibitive, and stable oil-based RDFs.


Low-oil/water-ratio completion systems

Simplify wellbore completion and increase productivity with oil-based reservoir drill-in fluids and completion systems.


Invert-emulsion gravel-pack carrier fluid

Eliminate shale instability with a stable, reusable solution for openhole gravel-pack completion challenges.


Reversible invert-emulsion reservoir drill-in fluid system

Deposit an oil-wet filtercake that reverts to a water-wet state once a low pH treatment is applied.


Invert-emulsion reservoir drill-in fluid system

Minimize formation damage problems in high-temperature, low-permeability, openhole-completed reservoirs.


Low-solids oil-based reservoir drill-in fluid

Reduce the threat of solids plugging the perforation tunnels or production screens while maintaining fluid loss control.

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