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Sand Control

Manage reservoir sand and fines in openhole and cased hole wells

Extend completion lifetime and optimize production

Sand control technologies prevent migration of reservoir sand and fines into a wellbore, stabilizes the reservoir, and enhances productivity. Simplify your completion by choosing an engineered, integrated service for your openhole or cased hole application.

Alternatively, engineer your own completion system and services from our full line of sand control components for a customized solution that suits your economics and technical requirements.

Sand Control Tool

Sand Control Offerings

Engineered Sand Control Services

Simplify your openhole or cased hole completion

Optimize your completion design with an integrated service package—and customize the plan to suit specific well conditions.

Sand Screens and Inflow Control Devices (ICDs)

Versatile, robust, reliable technology for sand control

Optimize your sand control completion with robust, fit-for-purpose sand screens and inflow control devices.

Sand Control Fluids

Optimize gravel- and frac-pack operations

Choose fluids to maximize production and long-term sand control after gravel packing and frac packing.

Downhole Sand Control Screens for Artificial Lift

Mitigate sand production from your artificially lifted unconventional oil wells with downhole sand control screens.

Sand Control Equipment

Blending, pumping, and monitoring offshore and on land

Optimize sand control operations with fit-for-purpose equipment to mix and deliver the fluids and gravel.

Sand Control Downhole Tool Systems

Packers, service tools, fluid loss control devices, and accessories

Maximize sand control performance with reliable, optimized downhole tools.

Sand Control Software

Sophisticated applications to optimize every treatment

Model every system element and critical parameter to optimize gravel packs, frac packs, and ICDs.

Wellbore Preparation

Displacement and cleanout tools and services

Chemicals, modeling, and tools tailored for efficient delivery of a properly prepared wellbore.

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