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Boring a hole into the Earth from surface to total depth—that’s a classic definition of drilling and at the heart of what we’re involved in. But if you step back, what we really do is help fuel transportation, industry, medicine, agriculture, science, space, and technology. And it all starts with drilling the well, and every well is an accomplishment because no two are ever exactly alike. The people at the controls—while taking advantage of an astonishing level of science and chemistry—understand what they are drilling into and how best to drill through it without actually seeing within the environment they operate.

That’s where the people of Schlumberger come in.

We have curious people genuinely interested in solving the challenges of efficiently drilling and accurately placing oil and gas wells. They consequently deliver leading technologies that range from groundbreaking bit and cutting element technologies, along with drilling fluids and mud logging capabilities, to the individual hardware components of the BHA in a fully integrated system, and the deep knowledge of instrumentation, software optimization, and automation.

two male field technician working on the PowerDrive Orbit
in MWD, LWD, directional drilling, and drilling optimization
in drilling fluids, solids control equipment, drilling waste management, and managed pressure drilling
in software and technology infrastructure
in bits, reamers, downhole drilling tools, and fishing services worlwide

Indeed, our more than 10,000 petrotechnical experts and over 20 petrotechnical engineering centers offer a complete range of drilling, geomechanics, and formation evaluation capabilities. We offer every service and expertise required to construct or change the architecture of a well—well planning, well drilling, engineering, supervision, logistics, procurement and contracting of third parties, and drilling rig management.

It all comes down to one thing—helping deliver the essential raw materials that drive commerce and modern civilization.

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Rigs and Equipment

Surface equipment and rigs for efficient drilling.

Bottomhole Assemblies

Geosteering and real-time downhole insights.

Drilling Fluids and Well Cementing

The lifeblood of every well.

Surface and Downhole Logging

Actionable information on well status, drilling performance, reservoir fluid composition, and more.

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