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Drill Bits

Rock destruction solutions for every drilling application

Smith Bits

What sets us apart is that we start developing a bit design where the bit meets the rock—the cutting element. It’s very small, but how it interacts with the rock type has really big impact. And this approach is how we are reshaping bit performance with huge leaps in results. 

But this is really just the tip of the iceberg—we advance better bit performance every day because of our continuing work to understand customers' drilling challenges, and answering those challenges with something not quite as small as it seems.

Smith BIts is redefining how a bit should interact with the formation—by communicating with our customers and understanding exactly what they need. And it is this customer-centric methodology that continues fueling our record-breaking performance for nearly 20 years in a row. That's what 120 years of experience, know-how, and dedication can bring to the table.

Blade Family Bits

Reshape your drilling performance.

PDC Bits

Get premium performance with superior durability.

Roller Cone Bits

Start with reliable and durable TCI and milled tooth bits.

Specialty Bits

Meet your performance demand needs.

Drillstring Design

Optimize your BHA.

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