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Wellbore Construction

Seamlessly bridge the gap between drilling and completions

Drilling a wellbore is only the beginning—you have to bring the well to life.

Well construction brings workflows together to seamlessly bridge the gap between drilling and completions. We put the right information in the right hands at the right time so we can deliver a smart drilling program that maximizes accuracy, efficiency, and value—while also minimizing risks.

We develop a digital plan for intelligent drilling execution that enables efficient handoff to a digitally informed completion team for optimal hardware and fluids delivery to prepare the wellbore and the reservoir for production. The integrated preparation and analysis mean that, when challenges arise, contingencies are in place to maintain project progress and continuously improve the process from well to well.

Well construction means integrating activities, processes, people, and technology; monitoring deviations; and providing solutions that allow for dynamic changes to the plan and improving learning for the next time.

Multilateral Completion Systems

Confidently reenter existing wells to add laterals that increase reserves while minimizing investment.


TAML 2 self-orienting multilateral junction

Prepare selective access and multiple kickoff points for current and future sidetracks and multilateral wellbores.


TAML 2 trip-efficient, multistage stimulation multilateral junction

Save time on your completion by enabling fracturing in both the lateral bore and main bore in a single trip.


TAML 3 or 4 conventional multilateral junction

Reduce costs with multilateral technology that is compatible with conventional completion options.


TAML 5 high-strength, hydraulic-sealed multilateral junction

Isolate up to 2,500 psi [17.2 MPa] at the junction, and combine simple installation with flexibility.


TAML 3, 4, or 5 large-bore multilateral junction

Maximize performance with a reliable, modular large-bore junction.


Selective lateral intervention completion system

Enable rigless through-tubing intervention (access or isolation) in multilateral wells.

Conventional Liner Hangers

Enhance well stability and protect the casing with liner hanger systems that suit a wide range of well conditions.


High-capacity hydraulic rotating liner hanger

Deploy heavy and long liners in drilldown applications, even in deep land, deepwater, and HPHT wells, to save time and enable rotation.


Configurable hydraulic pocket-slip liner hanger

Run long and heavy liners with confidence, even in HPHT conditions, with or without liner rotation during running or cementing.

RSLH 650

Retrievable mechanically-set scab liner hanger

Reduce remediation costs in damaged thermal wells with a scab liner hanger designed to simplify and optimize repairs.


Long-stroke retrievable mechanically set scab liner hanger

Reduce remediation costs in damaged thermal wells with a scab liner hanger designed to simplify repairs and optimize cementing.

Expandable Liner Hangers

Deploy long, heavy liners in challenging conditions, including deepwater, extended-reach, and HPHT wells, with expandable, metal-to-metal sealing for the life of the well.

Casing Reconnect

Metal-to-metal, gas-tight casing repair system

Simplify casing repairs to keep drilling programs on schedule and secure well integrity for P&A.


Hybrid expandable anchoring technology

Drill in, rotate, and reciprocate long, heavy liners in HPHT wells while maintaining maximum liner top integrity.

Liner Tieback

Metal-to-metal, gas-tight system

Solve problems with long casing strings by connecting a liner to a tieback string with full V0-qualified casing integrity.

Load Anchor

Metal-to-metal tieback casing anchor

Use conventional liner hanger systems with heavier axial loads by deploying an anchor that manages the loads.

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