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Measurements While Drilling (MWD) Services

Surveying and telemetry technologies and services for drilling optimization

Beyond direction and inclination data, formation evaluation, and more, MWD services play a key role in driving drilling optimization and efficiency by minimizing invisible lost time and ensuring no ROP limitation occurs while drilling because of data transmission rates.

Obtaining measurements while drilling enables operators to save time by acquiring formation evaluation and drilling optimization data, which also helps minimize doglegs. Fit-for-purpose MWD services provide continuous direction and inclination measurements to guide geosteering and provide data for survey management and development planning.

When combined with the Orion II data compression platform, Schlumberger MWD services can achieve up to 100-bps transmission rates.

Measurement While Drilling (MWD)

Drilling Applications

High-speed, HPHT, slimhole, gyro-while-drilling, and retrievable technologies that bring more reservoirs within reach.


Definitive dynamic survey-while-drilling service

Achieve real-time, high-definition wellbore architecture—from tophole to TD.


MEMS gyro-while-drilling service

Survey at any inclination, at any depth, and at higher latitudes without changing batteries or recalibrating between runs.

Connect BHA

Data streaming service

Enable real-time decisions onsite and anywhere by assimilating data for homogenized signal streaming.

xBolt G2

Accelerated drilling service

Drill faster and more accurately using three downhole telemetry options, all in one BHA.

TeleScope ICE

UltraHT measurements-while-drilling service

Receive critical downhole data from ultraHT wells with a high-speed telemetry service built to operate at ultrahigh temperatures.


High-speed telemetry-while-drilling service

Simultaneously transmit multiple datasets with high-speed measurements while drilling.


Slimhole measurements-while-drilling service

Generate power for more tools and transmit high-quality data in slim holes.

Drilling Optimization

Real-time ahead-of-the-bit, monitoring, management, and seismic data services for better decisions while drilling.


Look-ahead-while-drilling service

Improve casing-point selection and reduce drilling risks with continuous resistivity ahead of the bit.


Real-time drilling intelligence service

Manage downhole conditions and BHA dynamics while drilling using actionable, integrated data displayed on a rigsite dashboard.


Well construction performance service

Monitor and analyze processes and downhole conditions in real time.


Seismic-while-drilling service

Acquire borehole seismic measurements for real-time, time-depth-velocity information without disrupting drilling operations.

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