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News from Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru

Ecuador, Colombia, and Perú share cultural and regional aspects that make them special. Nearly 1,600 Schlumberger employees of varying nationalities live and work in these countries, which clearly demonstrates our commitment to diversity and inclusion to stimulate creativity and innovation through human talent.

Our organizational structure allows us to meet our customers’ needs from Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru to help you remain locally competitive and socially responsible.

In this region, we cluster our offerings according to our customers’ workflows and requirements to deliver cutting-edge technologies for seismic acquisitions and reinterpretation, reservoir characterization, drilling, digital management of production, data processing, and many other services.

With more than 85 years’ experience in Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru, Schlumberger has the local experience and global expertise to respond to the needs of our customers, stakeholders, and communities.

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Av. De los Granados vía Nayón, Centro Corporativo Ekopark, Torre 3, Piso 2
Zip Code 170503
+593 2 2979400 

OFS base
Vía a los Zorros Km 1 1/2 - El Coca
+593 62998600

Shushufindi RPT Yard
Km 4.5 Vía El Proyecto – Shushufindi
+593 23930000


Schlumberger Surenco S.A
Calle 100 13-21, Mega Banco Building, Floor 4
Zip Code 110221
+57 2195000

Parque Industrial Potrero Chico - Vía Siberia-Cota Km. 1,
Cota, Cundinamarca
+57 1 6687000


Schlumberger del Perú S.A.
Andrés Reyes St. 338 Interior 05-120
San Isidro
+511 6156500 Ext. 0

Punto Verde Certification
The Schlumberger team in Ecuador has been recognized with Punto Verde certifications for these sustainable best practices.
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"Our compass sets our direction of teamwork. We act with extreme ownership and accountability to have customers at the center of our performance to ensure success."—Carlos Sarmiento, Ecuador, Colombia & Perú Managing Director
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Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru Case Studies & Resources

People, technologies, and services that deliver real value for operators in South America.

Fit-For-Purpose Solution Prevents Formation Damage in Horizontal Well After 8-d Rig Standby, Ecuador

FLOPRO NT fluid and BREAKDOWN system provide good filtration control and filtercake removal, assuring production.

Efficient Sand Control Leads to Better Production

Oil production rates improved for Oxy and Ecopetrol in mature Columbian field.

MEMS Gyro-While-Drilling Sensor Reduces Rig Time and Improves Collision Risk Management in Dense Onshore Well Cluster, Ecuador

Using GyroSphere service eliminated flat time associated with slickline or drop gyro operations, saving 32 hours of rig time on three wells.

Orion Energy Optimizes Field Development Planning of Mira Field

FDPlan agile field development planning solution enables timely evaluation and derisking of Mira Field.

ENAP Ecuador Saves 2.3 Drilling Days and Drills 16-in Section in a Single Run Using Customized AxeBlade Bit, MDC Field

AxeBlade bit customized with Stinger elements and FireStorm technology overcomes interbedded formations.

Extremely Abrasive Colombia Well Produces for 797 Days with a Rugged Maximus ESP System

Engineered system with hardened stage metallurgy extends average run life from 72 to 797 days and enables doubled production, Colombia.


Hardware and services that meet objectives, from pore to pipeline and in the toughest environments.

PeriScope Edge

Multilayer mapping-while-drilling service

Achieve the highest confidence for precision steering decisions in razor-thin reservoirs.


Sourceless formation evaluation-while-drilling service

Reduce risk and logistical demands by eliminating the need for chemical sources to acquire multifunction LWD data.


Multifunction logging-while-drilling service

Obtain resistivity, neutron porosity, azimuthal gamma ray, density, elemental capture spectroscopy, and sigma measurements and borehole imaging—all in one collar.

REDA Maximus Eon

Extended-life, install-ready ESP motor

Increase ESP reliability and lifetime with a cooler, more robust high-efficiency motor.


Cognitive E&P software environment

Unite planning and operations in a multidimensional environment.

Intelligent Completions

Real-time reservoir monitoring and production control

Optimize recovery with digital data and production control that minimize interventions and help you manage water and gas production.

Sand Control

Reservoir sand and fines management

Extend well production with gravel- and frac-pack services, fluids, screens, ICDs, and tools for openhole and cased hole wells.


Multifunction spectroscopy service

Attain comprehensive formation evaluation in cased hole: one run, one tool.

Dielectric Scanner

Multifrequency dielectric dispersion service

Acquire measurements that speak volumes.

MR Scanner

Expert magnetic resonance service

Obtain NMR measurement of porosity, permeability, and fluid volumes independent of the rock matrix.


Edge AI and IoT solutions

Harness the power of edge computing and data analytics with our open, secure, and scalable platform.


Definitive dynamic survey-while-drilling service

Achieve real-time, high-definition wellbore architecture—from tophole to TD.


Concave diamond element bit

Increase ROP by up to 35% in medium-strength formations as compared with flat PDC bits.


Hyperbolic diamond element bit

Increase ROP and maintain steerability in plastic formations with the new hyperbolic element bit.

Fluid Inclusion Technologies

Analysis of fluids trapped in rock material

Determine the origin and geological history of rocks and fluids.


Multifactor shale-cuttings evaluation-while-drilling service

Characterize unconventional reservoirs in near-real-time to support operational decisions and minimize risk.

AI and IoT Solutions

Breakthrough artificial intelligence and Internet of things innovations


Edge AI and IoT solutions

Harness the power of edge computing and data analytics with our open, secure, and scalable platform.


On-target well delivery solution

Ensure rigs are operating at peak performance throughout the execution of the digital drilling plan.


Coherent well construction planning solution

Maximize your team's results by giving them access to all the data and science they need in a single, common system.


Agile field development planning solution

Transform field development planning.


Accelerated exploration planning solution

Deliver a step-change in streamlining exploration strategies.


Tuned production operations solution

Achieve your asset's true potential.


Cognitive E&P software environment

Unite planning and operations in a multidimensional environment.

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