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News from United Arab Emirates

Emirates Specific Case Studies & Resources

People, technologies, and services that deliver real value for UAE operators.

Directional Casing-While-Drilling Technology Sets New World Record with Dubai Petroleum Establishment

Allegro CD service eliminates NPT and saves >4 d, offshore Dubai.

Accurate Hydraulics Proved Critical in Avoiding Stuck Pipe from Extended-Reach Well

A major operator was concerned about stuck pipe in an extended-reach well in which a costly BHA was installed.

New Generation of HTHP Water Based Drilling Fluid Changing Conventional Drilling Fluids Solutions

This paper discusses the successful execution of high temperature water-based system in one of high-temperature well in ADNOC field.

Healing Total Losses and Establishing Well Integrity with Engineered Fiber-Based Lost Circulation Control Spacer During Primary Cementing in UAE Offshore

This paper demonstrates a viable solution that can be successfully applied to reduce or eliminate such induced losses during the cement job.

Engineered Flexible Expandable High-Density Cement System in Loss Prone High-Pressure Salt Section in Northern UAE

This paper describes the successful design and execution of an engineered flexible-expanding cement system to overcome various challenges including long salt formations, potential high-pressure zones and lost circulation zones.

Viable Solution to Drill Through Induced Losses in Limestone Formation in Extended-Reach Wells in UAE Offshore

This paper describes the treatment applied to improve the integrity of the Limestone formation while drilling through induced losses in extended reach wells in the UAE offshore field.

Success Through Continuous Innovation to Achieve Better Zonal Isolation in Extended Reach Wells in a UAE Field

This paper demonstrates continuous improvements in the prevailing step-wise approach and the role of the improvements in attaining needed zonal isolation.

Challenges and Solutions While Cementing Long Extended Reach Wells in UAE

This paper aims to discuss the challenges encountered while cementing these extended reach wells, especially across the 9 5/8-in casing in 12 1/4-in openhole, and evolution of the cementing process while overcoming those challenges.

Emirates Specific Technologies

Hardware and services that meet objectives, from pore to pipeline, in UAE

Blade Family

Bits with unique cutting elements

Optimize drilling in any formation with bits incorporating specialty element designs.


High-temperature water-based drilling fluid

Enhanced rheological profile and fluid loss control with low sag tendency.

Intra LUBE

Encapsulated lubricant

Reduce torque and drag and increase ROP.


Organophilic water-based reservoir drill-in fluid system

Enhance hydrocarbon production through an established filtercake to eliminate the need for a chemical breaker.


Lightweight lost circulation cementing solution

Improve well integrity and minimize NPT by plugging large voids and fractures.


Engineered chemistry spacer

Suit a variety of downhole conditions with customized spacer chemistry.

3D Far-Field Sonic Service

Automated subsurface feature extraction

Expedite processing and interpretation up to 10× faster than conventional methods.

In 1950, Schlumberger engineers performed their first log in the United Arab Emirates at the Ras Sadr-1 well. We are proud of our shared history with the UAE and our strong commitment to the UAE In-Country Value. We remain dedicated to investing in the country and developing fit-for-purpose technologies tailored to address UAE's reservoir challenges and unlock its full potential.

The main focus is on

  • maximized production of mature fields
  • economic development of unconventional resources
  • sustainable gas production
  • digital enablement.
First well log from UAE.
This is a copy of the first well log from the UAE.
First well log from UAE.

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Since 1950, Schlumberger has been a trusted partner in UAE oil and gas operations.

Delivering In-Country Value for UAE
In the last 70 years, Schlumberger has been actively working in the UAE and contributing to the development of the energy sector in the country and contributed to human capital development.

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