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Reservoir Testing

Prove reservoir potential, confirm well performance, and improve field productivity

Why well test?

Whether your well is an exploration or producing well or you are flowing back after fracturing, reservoir testing improves your reservoir evaluation to confirm the capacity to produce oil and gas.

Downhole or at surface, we'll provide the answers to your questions about productivity, fluid properties, composition, flow, pressure, and temperature. In turn, you'll be able to book more accurate reserves and maximize hydrocarbon recovery.

Concert well testing live performance
Zero-Flaring Well Test and Cleanup
Zero-flaring well test and cleanup is part of our Transition Technologies portfolio and eliminates the emissions that are normally related to flaring. This emission-reducing solution enables flare-free well testing and cleanup operations with an integrated approach using fit-for-purpose technologies and techniques.
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Surface Testing

Accurate, efficient measurements for better reservoir characterization

Downhole Reservoir Testing

Reliable, repeatable drillstem test data for informed characterization decisions

Flowback Testing

Measurements that improve field productivity

Reservoir Sampling

Research-quality reservoir data and expert interpretation

Wireless Telemetry

Bidirectional command and control between surface and downhole—wirelessly

Well Test Design and Interpretation

Integration of geological and geophysical models with dynamic well test data

The digital future of well testing is here
Improve your test efficiency, data quality, and safety through Concert well testing live performance’s automated measurements and real-time information and communications capabilities.
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