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Downhole Reservoir Testing

Reliable, repeatable drillstem test data for informed characterization decisions

The information you need to understand the reservoir

Since performing the first drillstem test (DST) in 1926, we’ve performed downhole tests that help customers economically achieve their test objectives. When your goal is to unambiguously determine reservoir pressure, permeability, skin, and productivity, our downhole technologies reliably deliver the right answers.

Even in hostile well conditions, we’ll get you accurate downhole pressure measurements. Flexible tool designs deliver reservoir information from multiple zones on the same test, saving rig time and powering rapid updates for your reservoir models.

Illustration depicting downhole reservoir testing tools.
Formation Testing: The Early Days
Discover how, in 1926 near El Dorado, Arkansas, Edgar and Mordica Johnston performed the first commercial drillstem test (DST).
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Downhole Reservoir Testing Offerings

Downhole Pressure Gauges

High-quality pressure measurement in all reservoir testing environments

Obtain precise pressure measurements in a wide range of environments with reliable downhole recorders.


Downhole reservoir testing system

Monitor and manage wellbore events as they happen, validate pressure data while you test, and ensure that you've met your test objectives before ending your test.

Downhole Test Tools

Optimize the test string to meet your test objectives

Assemble an optimal downhole test string with a wide variety of tools and equipment designed to fit your test objectives in any operating environment.


High-temperature downhole reservoir testing system

Get reservoir-representative fluid samples and high-resolution pressure measurements with multicycle flexibility in a single run and at ultrahigh temperatures.


Subsea test tree

Perform well test and cleanup from any floating rig with a singular subsea safety solution.

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