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Geology-based well test design and interpretation services

Maximize the value of your well tests by integrating G&G models with dynamic well test data

GeoTesting geology-based well test design and interpretation services maximize the value of well tests by integrating geological and geophysical (G&G) models with dynamic well test data—helping you increase certainty in reservoir models, improve production forecasting, determine reservoir connectivity, and identify sweet spots.

Design and interpretation using GeoTesting services, a plug-in for the Petrel E&P software platform, is performed in a shared earth model for greater certainty compared with conventional analysis limited to geometrical models.

Understand complex environments with confidence

Design and interpret well tests with confidence in fractured environments with the industry-leading naturally fractured reservoir (NFR) pressure transient simulator. Model your fractures explicitly and calibrate with pressure transient tests to determine which fractures matter and which do not. GeoTesting services can be applied to conventional, unconventional, and hydraulically or naturally fractured reservoirs with multiple wells and multiple layers.

Discrete fracture model is generated based on the effective permeability distribution.
Discrete fracture model is generated based on the effective permeability distribution.
Leverage Well Test Data to Improve Your Model
The Petrel GeoTesting plug-in integrates dynamic well test data with the model to support advanced interpretation and analysis.
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Honor the geological model and address uncertainty

During the test design process, GeoTesting services are used to optimize test design for characterizing geological features of interest and providing alternative test options. Uncertainty in the geological model is included during the design process to ensure optimal data quality as well as deliver analysis that accurately reflects the reservoir.

Providing seamless integration with the reservoir models and geologic information, GeoTesting services enable well test information to be used to its full extent. This is a significant improvement over conventional interpretations, which are generally performed independently from the valuable G&G information. Using GeoTesting services, interpretation of complex tests is easily performed, providing deeper and more accurate insight into your reservoirs and maximizing the value of dynamic measurement services.

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