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Multiclient Data Library

Critical subsurface insight to help you make the most informed decisions

Explore our multiclient data library

Our multiclient library is one of the largest in the world, with high-density surveys across a wide range of basins in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Australia. This library gives you access to mission-critical subsurface insights into regions of interest and upcoming licensing rounds—providing collaborative solutions to resolve your imaging challenges wherever, whenever you need it.

View upcoming licensing rounds and current Schlumberger multiclient surveys that span the globe.

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Multiclient Data Library
Our multiclient library is constantly evolving and growing with newly acquired and reprocessed 2D and 3D seismic data using advanced imaging technologies. Browse the interactive map to view available multiclient 3D dual-coil acquisitions and 3D WAZ and NAZ, 3D ocean bottom node, and Schlumberger WesternGeco 2D data.
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Regional multiclient data library

North America Land

Multiclient data library

Illuminate the subsurface with 2D and 3D seismic data, modern WAZ, and well log data.


Multiclient data library

Make better-informed decisions during exploration and development phases and support farm-in opportunities.

Offshore Mozambique

Multiclient data library

License an extensive library of 2D and 3D seismic data covering the entirety of offshore Mozambique.

Licensing Rounds

The most relevant available data for bid rounds worldwide.

Get a competitive advantage for bid rounds in your prospect area

Gain access to the most relevant data available for bid rounds spanning the globe—from North America to the Middle East to Europe. Get the competitive advantage you need to select the best available prospects to meet the exploration goals of your operation.

Ongoing and Upcoming Bid Rounds

Offshore Mozambique 6th Licensing Round

More than 110,000-km of broadband 2D and 15,000 km2 of 3D seismic data

Use broadband 2D seismic data to enhance prospectivity of frontier basins and plays offshore Mozambique.

Brazil Second Transfer of Rights Bidding Round

For prospectivity assessments in the Santos Basin

Illuminate the Sépia and Atapu presalt fields with HD seismic data to accelerate exploration and appraisal.

Previous Bid Rounds

Brazil 17th and 7th Bidding Rounds

Post- and presalt imaging

Illuminate the subsurface of the Campos, Pelotas, Potiguar, and Santos Basins with 2D and 3D seismic data.

Egypt 2021 Digital Bid Round

Explore brownfield, greenfield, and frontier prospects in the Western Desert, Gulf of Suez, and Mediterranean.

Malaysia 2020 Licensing Round

19,000 km2 of 3D broadband seismic data

Enhance your prospectivity assessments in Block SB 2T offshore Sabah, Malaysia.

Angola Namibe Basin 2019 Licensing Round

54,000 km2 in the Namibe and Benguela Basins

Enter this frontier basin during its early stages of development.

Egypt Red Sea 2019 Bid Round

11,000 km of long-offset 2D broadband data

Discover an underexplored region with significant potential for hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs.

Onshore Mexico 3.2 and 3.3 Bid Rounds

>25,000 km of 2D seismic data

Enhance your onshore Mexico prospectivity assessments.

Brazil 16th Bidding Round & 6th Presalt Auction

Five blocks in the prolific Santos and Campos Basins

Image post- and presalt targets to improve your prospectivity assessments and field development decisions.

Latest Gulf of Mexico Multiclient Projects

The current Schlumberger multiclient surveys in the Gulf of Mexico.

Engagement 2 Survey

3,700 km2 of ultralong-offset, FWI OBN data in the US GOM

Optimize well design and placement and near-field exploration with enhanced imaging of Green Canyon.

Engagement 1 Survey

~3,000 km2 of ultralong-offset, FWI OBN data in the US Gulf of Mexico

Use ultralong-offset, FWI OBN to reveal previously unseen structural relationships subsalt.

Amendment Phase 1

2,350 km2 of acquisition data in the US Gulf of Mexico

Accelerate field development and near-field exploration in deepwater US Gulf of Mexico with OBN seismic data.

Gulf of Mexico EDGE

50,000 km2 of continuous images ready for Petrel platform

See the underexplored subsalt structures of the central Gulf of Mexico like never before.

Gulf of Mexico Four Point

Narrow-azimuth broadband 3D survey data

Better know some of the most prospective acreage in the Norphlet play of the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf of Mexico High Point

281 OCS blocks in the Eastern and Central Gulf of Mexico

Optimize illumination of deeper targets above a complex, highly variable salt structure.

Gulf of Mexico Revolution

More than 36,260 km2 of diverse deepwater acreage

Improve visualization in the most complex subsalt geometries.

Gulf of Mexico E-Wave

1,800 OCS blocks across four protraction areas

Address complex salt geometries, including deep suprasalt minibasins, and amalgamated salt stock systems.

Gulf of Mexico South Timbalier

3D multiclient full-azimuth, long-offset data

Improve imaging of complex structures like diapiric salt in the Lower Miocene/Oligocene plays.

Gulf of Mexico WAZ

Continuous survey coverage in deep water

Explore the most active portions of three major Gulf of Mexico deepwater exploration plays.

Mississippi Delta Transition Zone

16,000 km2 of 3D data

Acquire insights from La Fourche, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, and more.

Gulf of Mexico Perdido Fold Belt

Reimaging and FAZ multiclient seismic data

Develop the best strategy for exploration, appraisal, and development of the Belt.

Gulf of Mexico Campeche Basin

3D wide-azimuth data

Identify exploration opportunities by illuminating subsalt formations, including three- and four-way closures.

Latest Latin America Multiclient Projects

The current Schlumberger multiclient surveys in Latin America.

Central Santos Basin Reimaging

High-density 3D surveys in the core of the presalt area

Overcome presalt imaging challenges with the latest technology to delineate facies variations and faults.

Offshore Brazil Central Basin

9,000 km of 2D data

Increase certainty in Brazil's Eastern Margin covering the Camamu-Almada and Jequitinhonha Basins.

Offshore Brazil Equatorial Margin

2D and 3D seismic data surveys

Make better-informed decisions in the Potiguar, Ceará, Barreirinhas, and Pará-Maranhão Basins.

Offshore Brazil Southern Basin

2D and 3D datasets from East Margin

Get newly reprocessed survey data from the Santos, Campos, and Espirito Santo Basins.

Uruguay Offshore New Frontier

Anisotropic 2D PSDM data interpretation

Reduce exploration risk and evaluate basin potential with greater insight, clarity, and scope.

Latest Europe Multiclient Projects

The current Schlumberger multiclient surveys in Europe.

North Sea Exploration Opportunities

Packages of 2D, 3D, and reprocessed seismic data

Fill in any data gaps, select an optimal survey location, or even reprocess to achieve a fit-for-purpose result.

Cavendish 3D Reprocessing Project

2,736 km2 of 3D multiclient seismic data

Targeted geophysical solutions for accurate seismic imaging in the North Sea.

West Wick 3D Reprocessing Project

884 km2 of 3D multiclient seismic data

Reprocessed legacy seismic surveys across the Moray Firth Basin in the UK North Sea.

Møre Basin 2D Reprocessing Project

13,000 km of 2D multiclient seismic data

Enhance prospectivity understanding with evergreened data.

Barents Sea Ice Bear 1

2,400 km of 3D seismic data

Illuminate a study area that includes submarine fans, clinoforms, and a collapsed anticline structure.

Barents Sea Ice Bear 2

Recently acquired 3D seismic data

Image fault block, submarine fan, and sequence plays containing oil and gas.

West Mediterranean Sea

2D reprocessed seismic data offshore Spain

Inform decisions with 6,563 km of 2D data offshore Spain.

Ukraine Black Sea

14,761-km multiclient seismic survey

Increase seismic resolution and improve imaging in the Black Sea.

Latest Africa Multiclient Projects

The current Schlumberger multiclient surveys in Africa.

Mozambique Enlightenment Project

~25,000 km of broadband 2D seismic data

Explore high-resolution depth imaging to improve your subsurface understanding offshore Mozambique.

Mozambique Angoche Basin

15,000 km2 of broadband 3D seismic data

Reveal the hydrocarbon potential offshore Angoche.

Angola 3D Reimaging Survey

Depth reimaging of the Lower Congo Basin

Improve presalt imaging with reprocessed 3D data.

Egypt Red Sea Survey

10,400 km of long-offset broadband 2D multiclient seismic data

Assess future investment, delineate the subsurface structural framework, and image deep targets.

Offshore Mozambique

Multiclient data library

License an extensive library of 2D and 3D seismic data covering the entirety of offshore Mozambique.

Offshore Guinea

High-quality 2D prestack time migrated dataset

Achieve critical insights in the evaluation of the open blocks.

Latest Southeast Asia Multiclient Projects

The current Schlumberger multiclient surveys in Southeast Asia.

Offshore Sri Lanka Reimaging

13,080 km of broadband 2D seismic data

Use broadband 2D seismic data to enhance prospectivity of frontier basins and plays offshore Sri Lanka.

Indonesia Makassar Strait

Newly reprocessed 3D data

Explore multiclient 3D seismic data covering 10,390 km2.

Philippines Sulu Sea & East Palawan Basin

Reprocessed multiclient 2D seismic data

Establish a regional framework and evaluate and screen prospectivity.

Latest Australia & New Zealand Multiclient Projects

The current Schlumberger multiclient surveys in Australia and New Zealand.

Offshore Australia Carnarvon and Exmouth Basins

Map reservoir properties and volume estimates for Australia’s most prolific hydrocarbon-bearing basin.

New Zealand Taranaki Basin

10,850 km2 of recently acquired 3D broadband data

Improve regional geologic understanding and reduce drilling risk in this proven oil and gas province.

Offshore Australia Browse Basin

Resolve imaging challenges to tap into gas, condensate, and oil fields offshore Australia.

Offshore Australia Otway Basin

Gain regional insights of the deepwater Otway Basin offshore Australia with >7,000 km2 of 2D seismic data.

Marine Survey Notice

Schlumberger proposes to undertake a marine geophysical survey in Commonwealth waters adjacent to South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. An environment plan has been submitted to NOPSEMA for assessment.

NOPSEMA has completed their check of the environment plan and public comment is now invited. The proposed survey is subject to Commonwealth Government regulatory approval and any feedback will be communicated to NOPSEMA, as required under Commonwealth legislation. If you would like further information, please refer to the NOPSEMA Environment Plan summary.

>3 million km
of 2D data
>3 million km²
of 3D data
>17,000 years
of combined technical expertise

Illuminate the subsurface with 2D and 3D seismic data

With the latest 2D and 3D seismic surveys, you can build evergreen reservoir models to better understand the subsurface—no matter your objectives. Whether you’re assessing reservoir compartments, hydrocarbon in place, or detecting and resolving production issues, our multiclient data library illuminates the subsurface to reduce uncertainty and mitigate risk.

Expedite delivery of your seismic data

Part of the E&P data lake, the library can be accessed via the GAIA data discovery and marketplace platform, further facilitating data delivery convenience.

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