Schlumberger Wins Intervention Technology Award at ICoTA 2022 | Schlumberger-巴黎人会员登录
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Schlumberger Wins Intervention Technology Award at ICoTA 2022

At the 2022 SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference and Exhibition, Schlumberger won the Intervention Technology Award for its dual-string P&A barrier evaluation, a solution that enables operators to evaluate cement behind casing without removing the inner pipe.

The ICoTA award recognizes both the contribution to innovation and the introduction of new technologies within the well intervention arena.

Intervention Technology Award winners at ICoTA 2022
The Schlumberger team accepting the intervention Technology Award for dual-string P&A barrier evaluation.

The Schlumberger dual-string P&A barrier evaluation builds on years of innovative well integrity evaluation technology and offers the most advanced and accurate method for imaging the annular profile in the B-annulus, overcoming crucial well conditions that may affect B-annulus interpretation.

Learn more about the dual-string P&A barrier evaluation here.

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