Innovative Technologies Drive Benchmark Performance Drilling Challenging Caipipendi Block In Bolivia | Schlumberger-巴黎人会员登录
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Bolivia, South America, Onshore
Mario Bertarelli and Romulo Duran, Repsol; João Pedro Tocantins, Diego Mendoza, Rahul Bijai, Philip Trunk, Cesar Villegas, and Aldo Ramos, Schlumberger
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27–31 July 2020
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Innovative Technologies Drive Benchmark Performance Drilling Challenging Caipipendi Block In Bolivia


As part of an exploration campaign in the Sub Andean region in Bolivia, Repsol faced a unique challenge to reduce well construction costs while drilling through harsh and abrasive Caipipendi Block formations. The Caipipendi Block poses several drilling challenges that often lead to premature bit and underreamer cutting structure damage. Two main points were targeted as fundamental to accomplish this objective: reduce the number of runs to drill the Carboniferous section and improve borehole enlargement efficiency. A multidisciplinary group comprising a service company and Repsol team members conducted a detailed and thorough investigation of previous failure modes to identify an integrated approach to improve the performance. Along with offset history, the team was able to identify lithology characteristics to accurately diagnose the underlying root causes. To tackle the hard and abrasive Upper Carboniferous section, a customized polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) drill bit was equipped with 3-D cutter (3DC) technology and powered by a combination of an enhanced power section and a robust rotary steerable system (RSS) tool with a new specific steering pad feature. A new reamer concept was also applied in this well to mitigate the anticipated drilling shock and vibration associated with underreaming through the challenging strata—without compromising drilling efficiency. To achieve the desired performance goals, 3DC elements were applied to the drill bit, along with a robust RSS designed with a pioneering steering pad developed to sustain performance in high levels of formation abrasiveness. To increase borehole enlargement efficiency in the Devonian section, a new cutter block was designed. An advanced 4D transient drillstring dynamics modeling package was used to analyze failure modes, design the reamer and drill bit cutting structures, predict the drilling dynamics of drill bit and reamer, and recommend drilling parameters for the run. The objective was successfully achieved where Repsol was able to set a new benchmark for the block, drilling the programmed depth of the well in 350 days, 17% less than AFE curve and 25% less compared with the best result in the block even with a significant change in lithology sequence from the program. The innovative 3DC technology boosted overall drilling performance. The new PowerDrive* rotary steerable system pads enabled the customized drill bit to drill farther and avoid unexpected bottomhole assembly (BHA) trips. The use of a new cutter block equipped with 3DC technology enhanced stability and reduced lateral displacement and vibration.

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