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Triple Offset Valve

Reliable, repeatable isolation performance

The WKM triple-offset valve (TOV) incorporates true triple-offset geometry to provide bubble-tight sealing. The result is the fully bidirectional zero-leakage shutoff valve that sets the benchmark for reliable, repeatable isolation performance.

Broad applications. One solution.

The WKM TOV meets the demanding requirements for bidirectional shutoff to deliver high-quality isolation for a range of applications, including power and steam, tank and terminal, petrochemical, upstream production, refining, and gas processing operations.

Rigorous testing and advanced engineering

As a member of the proven Cameron quarter-turn butterfly valve portfolio, each WKM TOV undergoes arduous qualification and testing processes that simulate the valve life cycle. That’s how you know it’s been designed and built with the manufacturing excellence and commitment that distinguish all Cameron product lines.

Worldwide footprint and support

Our global support and strategic networks brings the WKM TOV where it’s needed, when it’s needed—fully designed, tested, qualified, and backed by Cameron, the leader in valves manufacturing.

WKM Triple Offset Butterfly Valve
See how the WKM TOV bidirectional valve operates.

Cameron offers a broad range of valve technologies to meet your needs.

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  • True triple-offset geometry
  • Fully bidirectional zero-leakage shutoff
  • Field-replaceable metal seat
  • Life cycle tested for bubble-tight bidirectional valve performance
  • Standard bearing seals
  • Self-centering disc
  • Wide range of configurations—lug, short (ISO), and long pattern
  • Carbon and stainless-steel manufacturing standard; other materials on request


  • Refining and petrochemical processing
    • Hydrocarbon processing
    • Hydrogen
    • Oxygen
    • Cryogenic fluids
    • Thermal fluids
    • Hot gases
    • Sulfur (tail gas)
    • Chemical solvents
    • Chlorinated solvents
    • Flare gas
  • Oil and gas
    • Isolation of reservoirs and storage
    • Steam piping and condensate
    • Cooling water systems
    • Desalinization
    • Desulfurization systems
  • Midstream
    • Tank and terminal
    • Tank switching
    • Tank isolation
    • Manifold systems
  • Offshore production
  • Gas and LNG processing
  • Power and district steam heating
    • Saturated and superheated steam
    • Geothermal steam
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