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Real-time downhole coiled tubing services

Improve intervention effectiveness with real-time downhole measurements

ACTive real-time downhole coiled tubing services monitor and evaluate treatments while they are still in progress for better optimization—and with one trip downhole.

Consequently, the well is more quickly returned to production, minimizing well downtime.

Acquire real-time data using fiber-optic-enabled CT

The service uses fiber-optic, telemetry-enabled CT consisting of a BHA, surface electronics, and dynamic interpretation software. This enables ACTive services to deliver internal and external pressure, temperature, and casing collar locator and gamma ray depth correlation. Force measurements from the tension and compression tool and a DTS survey are also performed.

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EIGHT WAYS to Reduce Well Intervention Costs
In turbulent times, optimizing the performance of existing wells is a practical choice that reduces the costs and risks associated with well intervention. Innovative coiled tubing technologies offer several key benefits, including reduced footprint, accurate measurement of bottomhole pressures and temperatures, proper depth correlation, and precise load measurements in a unique, robust package for harsh environments and complex systems.
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Real-time services that are run on ACTive CT systems.

ACTive Isolation

CT real-time zonal isolation service

Enable single-run depth setting, sealing element operations, packer force monitoring, and fluid placement.

ACTive Intervene

CT real-time wellbore intervention service

Support strategic decision making with measurements taken during intervention operations.

ACTive Perf

CT real-time perforating service

Ensure target zone coverage with selective perforating, and achieve accurate depth control in a single run.

ACTive Matrix

CT real-time stimulation and conformance service

Optimize CT stimulation matrix using live monitoring of injection rate, downhole pressure, and temperature.


Distributed temperature measurement and inversion analysis

Quantify the intake profile of treatment fluid along the wellbore.


CT real-time production logging service

Couple real-time fiber-optic telemetry with existing advanced wireline production logging tools.

ACTive Q

CT real-time downhole flow measurement service

Acquire high-quality fluid velocity data with the ACTive DFLO tool, comprising two sensor arrays.

ACTive Plug & Perf

CT real-time plug setting and perforating system

Eliminate the need for ball drop, pressure pulse, and dependence on pumping fluid for gun detonation.


Real-time tools that are used to run the ACTive services.


CT real-time flow measurement tool

Achieve real-time downhole fluid velocity and direction detection while maintaining pumpthrough capability.


CT real-time gamma ray logging tool

Detect naturally occurring gamma rays in adjacent formations while maintaining pumpthrough capability.


Optical motorhead assembly

Minimize CT toolstring complexity and simplify rig-up.


CT real-time selective perforating and activation system

Activate up to 10 times with precise downhole depth and hydrostatic pressure control—all in a single run.

ACTive Power

CT real-time powered downhole measurements system

Deliver power for downhole tools, enabling more efficient and battery-free intervention operations.


CT real-time pressure, temperature, and casing collar locator tool

Improve job efficiency and subsequent well performance with real-time downhole measurements.

ACTive Straddle

CT real-time multiset inflatable packer

Achieve a rugged high-pressure seal at high inflation ratios.


CT real-time tension and compression tool

Measure real-time downhole load and torque while maintaining pumpthrough capability.

ACTive Xtreme

CT real-time rugged downhole measurement tool

Operate in harsh, abrasive, and corrosive downhole conditions as well as HPHT and high shock loads.

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