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Integrated Well Abandonment

End smarter by starting here

Integrate well abandonment solutions for land, offshore, and subsea

As reservoirs mature and output levels change, oil and gas operators must regularly reassess the performance of every asset in production.
Integrated well abandonment services help meet your obligations to make uneconomic wells safe and to guard against potential liabilities for the long term.

Secure the future profitability of production operations

Well abandonment eliminates the ongoing costs of maintaining uneconomic oil and gas platforms, shut-in wells, and aging subsea infrastructure. Restoring the integrity of the reservoir caprock by sealing each well with a permanent, leak-free barrier enables you to meet legal obligations and minimize liabilities once and for all. And because any intervention can be a complex, high-risk operation, Schlumberger offers a fully managed service for well abandonment campaigns of any scale, with key technical offerings designed to keep costs—and risks—firmly under control.
Subsea, land, and offshore plug and abandon operations.
Integrated Well Abandonment

It’s never too early to start planning for the best well outcome.  Talk to us about integrated well abandonment, and seal each well with confidence.

Drive down land campaign costs
Ensure land-based assets progress through the final stage of production quickly and cost effectively.
Engineer a better outcome offshore
Deliver high-efficiency abandonment campaigns for platform-based assets with long-term isolation in mission-critical offshore settings.
Migrate from subsea complexity to greater certainty
Ensure higher-precision, lower-risk subsea well abandonment operations.
Smarter interface wheel and seal

Sealed with confidence, delivered with efficiency

Effective abandonment involves a number of services, each with its own specialized workflow. With Schlumberger, every project is delivered and managed through one contract and a single point of contact, maintaining a clear line of accountability.

01 APPRAISE—Assess value and liabilities.

02 ENGINEER—Streamline job design.

03 ACCESS—Ensure safe well access.

04 PREPARE—Prepare with precision.

05 ISOLATE—Prevent flow over the long term.

06 VERIFY—Confirm isolation and barrier integrity.


Assess value and liabilities


Streamline job design


Ensure safe well access


Prepare with precision


Prevent flow over the long term


Confirm isolation and barrier integrity

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