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Assess value and liabilities

As operators incur costs for each day of a facility’s life, the time between the cessation of production (COP) and the removal of facilities can result in risk and expense. Schlumberger uses subsurface evaluation to determine where the wells already in place can be used to extend field life and defer decommissioning, and—when the time comes—how well abandonment can be a fast, safe, and cost-effective process.

An expert team identifies opportunities to cut costs and simplify the process scheme to reduce ongoing maintenance. Team members also identify candidate wells with production enhancement potential and plan P&A work while production is ongoing.

The number of wells abandoned can be reduced where well abandonment activities can be run concurrently with production enhancement, all while eliminating the delay between COP and P&A, lowering risks, and delivering major savings.

  • Subsurface evaluation
  • Risk- and economic-based modeling
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