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Integrated wireline and slickline systems for reliable, efficient conveyance

Increasingly complex well geometries and extended well depths present growing challenges for conveyance. Deep and highly deviated wells that pose safety and logistics concerns, and wells that were not previously wireline accessible, especially benefit from using an integrated wireline conveyance system. The integration of all conveyance components—from the surface equipment through the cable—enables wireline conveyance rather than conventional drillpipe or coiled tubing conveyance.

The high-pull conveyance solution for any well

For high-pull operations, the MaxPull high-pull wireline conveyance system integrates TuffLINE torque-balanced composite wireline cable. With fit-for-purpose system components engineered for risk reduction, this combination delivers unprecedented improvements in safety, reliability, efficiency, and sticking avoidance. Augmenting MaxPull system capabilities with the UltraTRAC all-terrain wireline tractor also increases push and pull to extend wireline conveyance to every possible well configuration and environment, including the most challenging land and offshore operations.

Optimal conveyance components and configurations

To ensure that operating challenges are met, the advanced Well Conveyance Planner forecasts logging tensions, provides design recommendations, and determines the associated risk to configure the integrated conveyance system for the specific well environment. The traditional limitations of wireline logging conveyance are engineered out, enabling you to acquire all the data necessary for reservoir characterization and informed decision making.

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Integrated wireline conveyance solutions


High-pull wireline conveyance system

Improve safety, efficiency, reliability, and sticking avoidance with a conveyance solution for every well environment.


Wireline conveyance to high-angle and horizontal wells with speed and versatility

TuffTRAC and TuffTRAC Mono

Cased hole services tractors

Log while drilling with these short, modular tractors and the only systems with reverse tractoring and traction control.

TuffTRAC iX Intelligent Extreme Wireline Tractor

Combine high speed, bidirectionality, large pull and push forces, and logging while tractoring in a 2 1/8-in-diameter package.


Openhole evaluation wireline tractor

Perform wireline conveyance using the extended-reach tractor with the highest output force available.


Downhole wireline tractor system

Negotiate complex completions, and log up and down passes for more accurate flow data.


Optimal cables for multiple applications

StreamLINE iX

Extreme-performance polymer-locked wireline cable

Efficient, reliable, greaseless conveyance for production services in all wellbore and operating environments.


Polymer-locked wireline cable

Reduce operational and well control risks and maintenance-related logistics and cost.


Torque-balanced composite wireline cable

Mitigate high-tension risk and improve safety, efficiency, reliability, and sticking avoidance.


Strengthening for the weakest links


Wireline inline release device

Perform to maximum conveyance-system capacity with reliable contingency solutions in case of a release.


Electronically controlled cable release device

Get superior efficiency and consistent performance even under challenging tool-sticking situations.


Low-friction well-access accessories

Achieve ever-deeper well access with reduced frictional forces and shield the toolstring from the borehole wall.

Petromac Wireline Express

Angled hole finder and tool taxi

Resolve wellbore conditions that often compromise wireline logging operations.

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