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Slickline Mechanical Intervention

Simply reliable flow control and mechanical well intervention

Advanced downhole technology on slickline to improve your well

The simplicity and reliability of deploying advanced downhole tools designed and manufactured by Peak Well Systems bring numerous benefits. You can more easily sustain production, restore integrity, and enhance well performance with tools that are purely mechanically set on slickline or other conventional forms of conveyance.

Peak Well Systems: Technical Presentation
In this technical presentation, we review the history and capabilities of Peak Well Systems.
Tech Paper: Unique Electronically Activated Nonexplosive Wireline Cutter Provides Safe and Reliable Cuts on Largest Range of Slickline and Wireline Cables
This SPE paper outlines the features of the unique nonexplosive cutter and includes several case studies from onshore and offshore operations.
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DNV GL management system certification seal for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001

Safety by design to achieve your intervention objectives

By embedding safety and excellence in every aspect of our processes and activities, Peak Well Systems proactively identifies and mitigates risks to product quality and performance. We do the upfront work to make sure your slickline operations are simpler and safer to deliver reliable results.

Maintain production targets and keep opex within budget with slickline operations.

Flow Control

Sealing integrity solutions

Zonal isolation to fit your well environment

Key to reliable flow control is the sealing elements incorporated in the downhole equipment used to isolate one zone from another. This means that the fluid type and well temperature and pressure must all be considered—in addition to the well completion, regulatory requirements, and retrievability—when selecting the appropriate tools and equipment to deploy on slickline.

To meet these needs, we provide simple and reliable mechanically set plugs from the SIM sealing integrity management system.

SIM system plugs are a vast array of slickline-conveyed and recoverable devices for effective flow control. These plugs and the tools for installing them are extensively qualified to different grades and can be set to provide a well barrier anywhere in the tubing, without the need for a nipple profile.

Flow control wheel design for V0, V3, and V5 SIM system plugs
The SIM system family of bridge plugs delivers high-performing sealing integrity, qualified to ISO 14310:2008 grades V0, V3, and V5, respectively.


Retrievable bridge plug

Reliably set, seal, and retract on slickline and seal with a hybrid metal-elastomer element.


Retrievable bridge plug

Fully certified grade V3 plugs provide a debris-tolerant retrievable barrier with no nipple profile needed.

Hi-Ex Gauge Hanger

Slim high-expansion gauge hanger tool

Install anywhere in your well, no nipple required, to hang gauges or provide a platform or suspension.


Retrievable bridge plug

Reliable, nippleless flow control for reduced operating costs, improved safety, and better well performance.

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Fishing and Wellbore Cleanup Solutions

Advanced mechanically operated tools for wellbore intervention

Image of offshore rig

Efficient slickline deployment of reliable, effective tools

When well intervention is needed to remove debris or cut the wire to a stuck toolstring, slickline operations can be the most economical solution for quickly resolving the situation. Slickline’s smaller footprint facilitates mobilization to save precious time.

By deploying mechanically operated tools, you’ll benefit from their high functionality and flexibility in getting the job done:

  • Peak eCutter electronically activated nonexplosive wireline cutter further leverages this reliable performance by initiating activation via an electronic timer and trigger module.
  • Torque-Action Debris Breaker wellbore cleanup and debris removal tool breaks accumulations that resist removal by other methods.

Peak eCutter

Electronically activated nonexplosive wireline cutter

Battery-powered electronic activation reliably severs slickline or cable when a toolstring sticks downhole.

Heavy-Duty Peak eCutter

Electronically activated nonexplosive wireline cutter

Battery-powered electronic activation reliably severs heavy-duty cable to stuck tools in high temperatures.

Torque-Action Debris Breaker

Wellbore cleanup and debris removal tool

Jarring down mechanically efficiently removes sand and scale concretions.


Through-wired roller-centralizer sub

Leverage interchangeable rollers that assist wireline toolstring conveyance in high-angle wells.

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Innovative downhole technologies for well intervention

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