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Oil and Gas Production Chemicals and Services

For flow assurance and asset integrity in oil and gas applications

Mitigate Production Threats

Highly effective and evolving portfolio of products and services to maintain optimal production by preventing and inhibiting issues such as scale, paraffin, and corrosion, no matter how hostile or challenging the environment.
Achieve Full Field Potential

Wide range of flow performance technologies and services to improve and assure production and asset operations, enhance operating efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and extend field life
Restore Full Production

Targeted, integrated strategies to decisively remediate crude and condensate production issues such as deposit formation and naturally occurring gases, restore and improve flow performance and revenue, and avoid costly repairs and shutdowns

Production chemicals. Full service.

Our integrated chemistry technologies and services support your asset integrity and flow assurance objectives across your oil and gas operations—upstream, midstream, or downstream—regardless of complexity or geography.

Experienced teams of specialists work with you to identify the root cause of your concerns and develop targeted, value-driven integrated strategies that anticipate, address, and decisively remedy complex production issues. We work with you—using production chemistry, processing and separation technologies, services, and data-driven automation processes—to deliver differentiated technical solutions that enhance your experience and improve your business performance.

Asset Integrity

Comprehensive approach to tackling corrosion

Corrosion is a pervasive aspect of oil and gas production—from wells through to the refinery. It has multiple causes, including CO2, H2S, bacteria, and solids deposition. Preventing corrosion and preserving the integrity of upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas facilities is essential to their safe operation, reliable production, and protection of personnel and the environment.

A robust asset integrity program has many individual elements, such as chemical treatments, corrosion monitoring, inspection, and data management and interpretation. You can rely on our proven track record of devising bespoke corrosion control, corrosion monitoring, and data management programs to mitigate risk and support safer oil and gas operations.

Products and Services

Oil and Gas Corrosion Inhibitors

For crude oil pipeline and oil and gas production asset integrity

Preserve asset integrity with a comprehensive portfolio of chemical treatments.

Microbially Induced Corrosion Management

Inhibit harmful bacterial activity

We use a four-step integrated approach to detect, mitigate, and prevent microbially induced corrosion.

Microbial InstaCheck

Real-time bacteria measurement, monitoring, and control service

Rapidly and cost-effectively evaluate the bacteria control strategy for your field.

Oxygen Scavengers

Enable you to reduce corrosion

Mitigate corrosion in seawater injection systems, hydrotesting operations, and water treatment equipment.

Liquid H2S Scavengers

For gas, water, and oil streams

Reduce production risk and improve returns.


H2S removal adsorbents

Remove harmful H2S from liquid and water-saturated gas streams.


H2S removal adsorbent

Mixed-metal-oxides-based adsorbents to remove harmful H2S from liquid and dry and water-saturated gas streams.

Flow Assurance

Mitigate production threats and ensure flow

However hostile or challenging the environment, our highly effective and evolving portfolio of products and services can help you maintain optimal production by inhibiting or removing deposits of substances such as scale, paraffin, asphaltene, hydrates, and naphthenates that present flow assurance challenges. We also have a wide range of umbilical-friendly products for deepwater applications.

Remediation of existing flow restrictions can be accomplished with our extensive range of dissolvers and innovative technologies.


Products and Services

Scale Management

Prevent and treat scale deposits

Benefit from a comprehensive approach to managing scale and an extensive portfolio of solutions.

Oilfield Paraffin Inhibitor and Paraffin Dissolver Chemicals

Improve oil and gas production

Address the challenge of paraffin deposits, which form when hydrocarbons depressurize and cool.

Asphaltene Management

Maximize production by preventing or removing asphaltene deposits

Optimal solutions based on field and fluid data, testing, and performance evaluation.


Dendrimer technology

Cost-effective flow assurance in subsea, deepwater, and unconventional applications.

Gas Hydrate Inhibitor Chemicals

Improve flow assurance

Kinetic and antiagglomerant hydrate inhibitors to suit your fluid and field characteristics.

Naphthenate Inhibitors and Dissolvers

Application methodology and high-performance chemistry

Stop complex soap formation and remove naphthenate deposits to restore production.

Cleaners for Oil & Gas Assets

Aqueous and solvent-based products

Maintain optimal operation of your hydrocarbon assets.

Deepwater Qualification

Stringent testing protocol

To ensure umbilical-friendly production chemicals for wells in water depths greater than 1,500 ft.

Production Optimization

Maximize value throughout the life of your asset

Schlumberger production chemistry solutions help mitigate the effects of emulsions and foaming; improve operational efficiency; maximize clean oil production; minimize water quality issues (e.g., in produced water for disposal or reinjection and industrial water); and reduce environmental impact throughout the lifetime of your system.

Products and Services

Chemical Demulsifiers

For crude oil dehydration and desalting using tuned emulsion breaker chemistry

Optimally dehydrate crude oil and clean aqueous discharge streams.

Water Clarifiers for Oil and Gas

Efficiently clean produced water

Remove oil and insoluble matter from aqueous production streams.

Chemical Foamers for Gas Well Deliquification

Liquid and solid technologies

Unload water and condensate from gas wells.

Defoamers: Antifoaming Agents for Oil and Gas Production

Counteract foam formation and promote degassing of fluids

Defoamers are highly cost efficient, working at injection rates of just a few parts per million.

Crude Oil Flow Improvers and Viscosity Reducers

Improve production performance

Reduce energy needed for artificial lift, surface boosting, processing, and pipeline distribution of crude oils.


Protecting production, your assets, and the environment

We supply chemical products to remove contaminants from a variety of gas and liquid streams.

Our industry-leading, cost-effective adsorbents for the selective removal of H2S or mercury are used in fixed-bed processes that are simple and easy to operate and require minimal user attention. During the adsorption process, gas or liquid flows through the adsorbent media, and the contaminant chemically reacts with the media to form a stable by-product. The flexibility of the fixed-bed process enables the system to adapt to variations in process conditions. Product consumption depends only on the amount of contaminant that passes through the bed.

Liquid H2S scavengers can be applied as a solution in bubble towers for gas treatment or via direct liquid injection. A wide range of triazine, aldehyde, and non-nitrogen products are available.

Schlumberger experts can help you select the most appropriate technology and product for your application, based on the process conditions and operational requirements.

Products and Services

Liquid H2S Scavengers

For gas, water, and oil streams

Reduce production risk and improve returns.


H2S removal adsorbents

Remove harmful H2S from liquid and water-saturated gas streams.


H2S removal adsorbent

Mixed-metal-oxides-based adsorbents to remove harmful H2S from liquid and dry and water-saturated gas streams.


Mercury removal adsorbents

Advanced materials for the treatment of gas and liquid streams.

Activated Carbon Odor Control

Adsorbents to remove odoriferous contaminants from natural gas

Control odor with one universal solution.

H2S Removal from Biogas


Higher H2S removal capacity compared with activated carbon.


Extensive range of specialty chemicals to support oil and gas pipeline integrity and flow optimization

Our portfolio includes

  • corrosion mitigation chemicals for pipeline suspensions or abandonments (commissioning and decommissioning)
  • pipeline cleaning and drying chemicals
  • tracer dyes
  • chemicals for hydrostatic testing
  • additives for flow optimization.

Our domain experts carry out field surveys, analysis, and laboratory testing to diagnose and recommend the proper combination of specialized chemicals. We pride ourselves on providing a custom approach to each project to ensure cost-effective solutions that are practical and provide value for you. 

Products and Services

Oil and Gas Pipeline Chemicals and Services

For leak detection, chemical pigging and cleaning, and integrity

Maximize your flowline efficiency with customized chemical cleaning services, technologies, and workflows.

Tracer Dyes

Including fluorescent dyes, inorganic ions, and aromatic acids

Understand flow to optimize your applications.


Acquire an unparalleled perspective that enables timely responses to optimize your chemical programs

We provide a suite of digital products, tiered to meet any operational requirement and expectation. From data integration and distribution to fully remote or autonomous chemical injection, your chemical program status is always current, contextual, and available on demand. This is achieved through innovative edge intelligence, cloud-based visualization, and autonomous data-driven actions.

Our standardized digitalization approach is applicable to single-well operations, large facilities, and across multifield and global enterprises. Its foundation is data, your single most valuable asset. Acquisition and preservation of source data, identification of information gaps, and real-time collaboration are the fundamentals of this approach. Schlumberger production chemistry digital solutions provide unparalleled perspective, enable timely response, and pave the way to chemical program optimization.

Products and Services


Integrated chemical management system

Removes administrative tasks from your team with chemical data management software.

DELFI Production Chemicals for ESP Pump Optimization

Real-time monitoring, analysis, and autonomous chemical injection optimization

Monitor at 1-minute frequency to optimize ESP corrosion protection and run-life extension.

Our global footprint and dedicated service delivery help maximize production more safely and reliably.

Schlumberger office

Chemical Management Service Standard

Throughout product and service delivery, our Chemical Management Service (CMS) Standard confirms and ensures supply of the resources and activities required to identify, develop, and secure production technology enhancements that will deliver value to your operations while achieving excellence in QHSE performance.

Successful deployment of our customized chemical solutions and management services is supported with the ChemWatcher integrated chemical management system, enabling you to maximize production, mitigate NPT, and minimize total operational cost.

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