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Flow Assurance

Solutions to inhibit or remove scale, paraffin, asphaltene, hydrates, naphthenates, and other deposits

Mitigate production threats and ensure flow

However hostile or difficult the environment, our highly effective and evolving portfolio of products and services can help you maintain optimal production by inhibiting or removing deposits of substances such as scale, paraffin, asphaltene, hydrates, and naphthenates that present flow assurance challenges. We also have a wide range of umbilical-friendly products for deepwater applications.

Remediation of existing flow restrictions can be accomplished with our extensive range of dissolvers and innovative technologies.


Products and Services

Scale Management

Prevent and treat scale deposits

Benefit from a comprehensive approach to managing scale and an extensive portfolio of solutions.

Oilfield Paraffin Inhibitor and Paraffin Dissolver Chemicals

Improve oil and gas production

Address the challenge of paraffin deposits, which form when hydrocarbons depressurize and cool.

Asphaltene Management

Maximize production by preventing or removing asphaltene deposits

Optimal solutions based on field and fluid data, testing, and performance evaluation.


Dendrimer technology

Cost-effective flow assurance in subsea, deepwater, and unconventional applications.

Gas Hydrate Inhibitor Chemicals

Improve flow assurance

Kinetic and antiagglomerant hydrate inhibitors to suit your fluid and field characteristics.

Naphthenate Inhibitors and Dissolvers

Application methodology and high-performance chemistry

Stop complex soap formation and remove naphthenate deposits to restore production.

Cleaners for Oil & Gas Assets

Aqueous and solvent-based products

Maintain optimal operation of your hydrocarbon assets.

Deepwater Qualification

Stringent testing protocol

To ensure umbilical-friendly production chemicals for wells in water depths greater than 1,500 ft.

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