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Production Optimization

Chemicals to help dehydrate and desalt oil, deliquefy gas wells, degas fluids, improve flow, and clean produced water

Maximize value throughout the life of your asset

Schlumberger production chemistry solutions help mitigate the effects of emulsions and foaming, improve operational efficiency, maximize clean oil production, minimize water quality issues (e.g., in produced water for disposal or reinjection and in industrial water), and reduce environmental impact throughout the lifetime of your system.

Products and Services

Chemical Demulsifiers

For crude oil dehydration and desalting using tuned emulsion breaker chemistry

Optimally dehydrate crude oil and clean aqueous discharge streams.

Water Clarifiers for Oil and Gas

Efficiently clean produced water

Remove oil and insoluble matter from aqueous production streams.

Chemical Foamers for Gas Well Deliquification

Liquid and solid technologies

Unload water and condensate from gas wells.

Defoamers: Antifoaming Agents for Oil and Gas Production

Counteract foam formation and promote degassing of fluids

Defoamers are highly cost efficient, working at injection rates of just a few parts per million.

Crude Oil Flow Improvers and Viscosity Reducers

Improve production performance

Reduce energy needed for artificial lift, surface boosting, processing, and pipeline distribution of crude oils.

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