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Pipeline chemistry solutions and service

PREVENT Technologies
Chemistry to mitigate production threats
PERFORM Technologies
Chemistry to achieve full field potential
CURE Technologies
Chemistry to restore full production

Leading with chemistry to optimize production

To overcome pipeline inefficiencies that can cause major cost overrun, we developed a comprehensive approach to pipeline projects that improves flowline efficiency with maximum expertise and minimum downtime.

From initially identifying pipe contaminants and their sources to measuring the performance of a custom-engineered solution, we work with you to develop and deploy an advanced cleaning workflow that helps maintain and maximize productivity.

Extensive services

Our fit-for-purpose ConcentraFlo solutions and service enhance efficiency while maintaining environmental compliance. Services include

  • hydrostatic testing
  • pipeline separation services
  • pipeline chemical cleaning
  • gas flaring
  • pipeline drying
  • line commissioning and decommissioning.
Pipeline Services
Pipeline Services Workflow

Advanced technologies

We custom-formulate cleaning chemicals and manage treatment effectiveness to optimize pigging runs. Our selection of cleaning chemicals effectively mitigates pipeline-fouling materials, including scales, biological films, black powder, and water-wet solids.

Comprehensive solutions

To help you maintain and maximize productivity, we integrate technological expertise with detailed project data to deliver advanced cleaning workflows:

  1. Identify and analyze the problem and determine contributing factors.
  2. Develop and deploy the solution.
  3. Manage the treatment effectiveness using advanced analyses.
  4. Measure its performance to quantify production improvement.
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